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UFC Ottawa results: Donald Cerrone outclasses Al Iaquinta to win decision

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Donald Cerrone out-struck Al Iaquinta in the UFC Ottawa main event.

The UFC Ottawa event is officially over, being capped off with Donald Cerrone out-striking the #4 ranked lightweight Al Iaquinta to earn himself a unanimous decision.

Cerrone has now won two straight since returning to 155 lbs, while Iaquinta has lost his second fight in his past three. This pushes Cerrone very much back into title contention after an impressive performance on Saturday night.

The first round was back and forth, with neither man really taking over. Cowboy was mixing in his kicks and Iaquinta was looking to box. The second round saw Cerrone find success with his leg kicks. Towards the end of the round, Iaquinta wobbled Cerrone with a a heavy right hand off of a caught kick. Cerrone came alive in the third act. He kept Iaquinta on the outside with his jab, and brutalized the lead leg. Cerrone even dropped Iaquinta with a jab at the end of the round. The fourth round was also owned by Cerrone, where he dropped Iaquinta with an upkick. The fifth round saw Iaquinta try his best, but Cerrone was too dialed in to let this one slip away. He pressed forward down the stretch, even nearly producing a buzzer-beating finish.

Donald Cerrone def. Al Iaquinta by unanimous decision (49-45 x2, 49-46): Lightweight