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UFC Ottawa prelims results & video: Chiasson TKO’s Moras, Sayles subs Nelson

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Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Ottawa prelims, including Macy Chiasson stopping Sarah Moras with strikes.

The UFC Ottawa prelims just wrapped up with the promotion’s #14 ranked women’s bantamweight Macy Chiasson stopping Sarah Moras with ground strikes in the second round. Moras owned the top position for a lot of the opening round, but when she tried to take the bout back there in the next frame, that’s when Chiasson found her chance. This is three-straight UFC wins for Chiasson, all by way of finish.

Before that, Vince Morales picked up his first UFC win with a lackluster decision win over Aiemann Zahabi, brother of legendary MMA trainer Firas Zahabi. Nordine Taleb got himself back in the win column tonight with a unanimous decision victory over UFC newcomer Kyle Prepolec. Taleb leaned on his counter striking and leg kicks to Winn all three rounds on the scorecards from all three judges. Another notable prelim came in the featherweight division when Kyle Nelson and Matt Sayles went to war. The first round belonged to Sayles, the second was owned by Nelson, and then Sayles came up with a sub in the third. At 8-2, Sayles has just picked up his first UFC victory.

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Macy Chiasson def. Sarah Moras by TKO at 2:22 of round 2: (W) Bantamweight

Moras blasted a takedown right from the get-go, landing inside the guard of Chiasson. She owned top position until about the final minute of the round. Chiasson scrambled on top and dropped ample strikes. Moras attacked an armbar at the last second, but was unable to convert before time ran out. Moras again blasted a takedown to start the round, but Chiasson was the one who took the top position. Chiasson worked her way into full mount where she dropped some serious leather. Moras ate blow after blow, until the referee had seen enough and called off the bout.

Vince Morales def. Aiemann Zahabi by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Bantamweight

A bunch of feeling out took place across the opening round. Both men were being elusive with lots of footwork and movement. The second round started the same way as the first. Not a lot went on, until Zahabi briefly scored a takedown. Nothing came of the position, and the fight returned to its feet. Morales landed a couple of clean punches in the final round and Zahabi failed at a couple of takedown attempts.

Nordine Taleb def. Kyle Prepolec by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Welterweight

Prepolec pressed forward, but Taleb was content to sit back and counter. The bulk of the volume was coming from Taleb, as Prepolec was a bit hesitant to pull the trigger. The action picked up a bit in the second. Taleb was still countering well, but Prepolec decided to up his volume. He even briefly dropped Taleb, to which Nordine just smiled. The pressure of Prepolec was still there in the final round, but Taleb was still keen with his counter striking. The leg kicks of Taleb consistently disrupted Prepolec as he moved forward, as there UFC newcomer just wasn’t able to get things going.

Matt Sayles def. Kyle Nelson by submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:16 of round 3: Featherweight

The featherweights went right to work, standing in front of each other chucking heat. Each man landed solid shots, before Nelson lost his footing. Sayles instantly took top position, relentlessly spamming hammerfists. Nelson hung tough and attacked with leg locks, but Sayles escaped harms way to land some more ground strikes before time ran out. The wild pace continued into the second round. Nelson was adamant about turning the fight into a grappling match, and did just that. Sayles exposed his back and Nelson vigorously worked for a choke. Sayles avoided the sub, but spent a lot of time being controlled. Nelson hunted for the takedown again in the final round, but Sayles did a sound job of remaining vertical. Sayles even took top position off of a botched takedown, and quickly locked up an arm triangle. Nelson was dead to rights and forced to tap out.

Arjan Bhullar def. Juan Adams by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Heavyweight

Adams took the center of the Octagon and pressed forward behind his punches. The shorter Bhullar did a good job of moving and avoiding the big blows, sneaking in solo strikes when he could. The second act saw Adams blitz with punches right out of the gate. Bhullar weathered the storm and shot in to secure a takedown. A bit of top control was had, but not really any significant strikes were dished out before the referee stood them back up. Adams was able to land a couple of solid punches before getting stalled out against the fence until the clock ran out. Tons of clinch grappling went on in the final round, wi th neither man really controlling the other for an extended period of time. Bhullar did pull off a late takedown, holding down top position down the stretch.

Cole Smith def. Mitch Gagnon by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Bantamweight

The bantamweights spent a large chunk of the opening round wrestling one another, jockeying for position with neither man really gaining the edge. Come round two, switch managed to work his way to the back of Gagnon, solidifying the position with the body triangle. Gagnon, defunded well, avoiding the RNC attempts from Smith. He gave up a lot of control time, but at least was able to spin on top before the round ended.

Gagnon came out with some urgency in the final round. He rocked on his foe on the feet, and ended up in a scramble going for an armbar. Smith escaped the sub just to find himself stuck in a near-guillotine. Gagnon squeezed with all he had, but Smith popped his head out to take top position with ample time on the clock. Smith controlled from the back for the rest of the round, but unable to sniff out a finish.