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UFC Ottawa: Shane Burgos refuses to treat Cub Swanson like ‘he’s this God’

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Shane Burgos knows Cub Swanson is a legend in mixed martial arts, but he’s still just a man.

Shane Burgos acknowledges Cub Swanson’s wealth of experience and violent skill-set, but he refuses to build him up beyond that.

Burgos will undoubtedly face his most famous adversary in Swanson at UFC Ottawa on Saturday, May 4. Burgos (11-1) told media in Ottawa on Thursday that Swanson (25-10) is only human.

“It is the biggest name, that’s a fact,” he said of Swanson’s status. “At the end of the day, I’m not going to treat it any differently. He’s just another man. He bleeds blood just like me. I’m not going to treat him like he’s this God.”

Swanson expressed an interest in ending the fight quickly, but Burgos is ready for the Fight of the Night many fans expect. “As soon as I got the call, my hands were shaking,” Burgos recalled. “1000 different scenarios, this fight isn’t going to be boring.”

Many are pointing to Swanson’s three-fight skid as a cause for concern but Burgos believes it only makes his opponent more dangerous. “If anything, I think that makes him more dangerous. When you get an animal pushed into a corner,” he said. “In his head he thinks he needs that win. I don’t know what that means for this fight: I don’t know if he is going to play it cautiously and play it safe or come out and try to kill me.”

The unranked Burgos may very well find a number next to his name should put down Swanson. The two featherweights compete at UFC Ottawa on Saturday, May 4.