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Donald Cerrone says everything changed after son was born: I thought having ‘something to fight for’ was cliche

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Donald Cerrone’s instincts as a fighter evolved, or devolved, after welcoming his son into the world.

Donald Cerrone welcomed his first-born son and fighting in a cage took on a whole new meaning.

The 36-year-old touched on how the birth of his son has influenced him inside the Octagon when speaking to media, including MMA Fighting, in Ottawa on Thursday.

“It’s like a primal feeling. I remember before I had a kid and even when I just had the kid, I thought it was cliche when people said they had something to fight for. Man, it’s insane,” he shared. “I took him to get his shots and the doctor gave him his shots and he started crying. “I teared up and was like, ‘I’ll f—king kill you b—ch.’ Seeing him in that pain. I get it man, if anyone ever did anything to my kids there would be no turning back.”

Cerrone has competed a remarkable 47 times professionally and he has no interest in ever stopping.

“It’s a sickness I have,” he explained. “I don’t know if I’ll ever walk out. The UFC will literally have to say ‘that’s enough, Cowboy. You can no longer walk out with a walker.”

If he does ever hang-up the gloves, Cerrone has a budding movie career in the wings. He recently worked on “The Equalizer 2” with Denzel Washington and already has more acting gigs under his cowboy belt buckle.

“I like doing the stunts. I just finished a movie with Mark Wahlberg called ‘Wonderland’ which was fun,” he said. “The movies are a different world and I definitely plan on going there when I’m done.”

Cerrone headlines UFC Ottawa on Saturday, May 4 against Al Iaquinta.