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Donald Cerrone: Getting big paydays for Conor McGregor fights is ‘a big misconception’

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Donald Cerrone dispels the notion that fighting Conor McGregor is an automatic huge payday.

One of the underlying reasons why Conor McGregor is the most called out fighters in the UFC is because of the perceived guaranteed big payday. Donald Cerrone, however, does not see it that way.

Especially with the new pay-per-view system in place, “Cowboy” says fighting McGregor is not as lucrative as many would think.

“I don’t know about this payday talk,” Cerrone said during Thursday’s media day (via MMA Junkie). “Everyone thinks you fight Conor, you get paid. We’re under contract, man. Now with the ESPN thing, the pay-per-view buys are already done. It’s not like we get – so it’s a big misconception.

“Conor might get paid. ‘Cowboy’ might get a little bump, but it’s not a $10 million night for me by any means.”

For Cerrone, a massive pay bump will still come from winning a world title.

“I need to go get this belt. That’s where the real money is,” he said. “Aside from the money, I love it – fighting three, four times a year. I enjoy the training camp. I enjoy this. The whole process to me, I’m going to miss the sh-t out of it when I’m done. Right now I’m in it, and I love it.”

Cerrone will be making his 31st Octagon appearance on Saturday, when he headlines the UFC’s Ottawa event against Al Iaquinta.