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Cub Swanson says ‘we forgive’ T.J. Dillashaw for drug violation

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Cub Swanson is ready to forgive T.J. Dillashaw.

Cub Swanson UFC Ottawa Shane Burgos Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Cub Swanson says T.J. Dillashaw’s EPO violation is in the past.

The fan-favorite opened up about his teammate’s suspension during media day, as captured by MMA Fighting, at UFC Ottawa on Thursday. “I found out like everybody else. It was quite as shot. As far as our team, we have standards about being honest,” he said. “He is still part of our team. It’s a decision that he made and we forgive him for it.”

“I didn’t like being put in pictures and whole team being accused of stuff that isn’t true,” Swanson continued. “He feels terrible about the whole situation… We’re working past it.”

Swanson, 35, also touched on how mixed martial arts molded him from rough adolescents.

“I owe that to the sport. The sport gives you a lot of humbling lessons. Losses, being able to work hard, having structure, being accountable. Nobody checks up on me for making weight and doing that extra road work,” he shared. “If you allow it, this sport can make you a great human being. People tell me all the time, ‘why don’t you talk more crap?’ Look at Colby Covington, I just think he’s kind of a douche. I wouldn’t just sell my soul for more money.”

Swanson, who fights Shane Burgos at UFC Ottawa on Saturday, is coming off a career-worst three-fight losing streak. He is trying to look at it through a different lens instead. It’s three individual losses, not a three fight losing streak he says.

“Going into the fight I’m thinking about how I’m undefeated in Canada,” he boldly exclaimed. “That’s a streak I like better.”