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Joe Rogan wants to see Deontay Wilder box Francis Ngannou

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UFC commentator believes that Francis Ngannou could “nuke some fools” as a heavyweight boxer.

UFC Fight Night Blaydes v Ngannou 2 Photo by Emmanuel Wong/Getty Images

Many fans aren’t all that interested in talking about potential crossovers between MMA and boxing. Sure, Conor McGregor made a ton of cash doing it. And there are fighters that compete in both sports at a fairly high level. But it’s not really a thing with other UFC fighters. With that being said though, commentator Joe Rogan believes that one gigantic UFC fighter could be very competitive in boxing - Francis Ngannou.

Recently on his podcast, Rogan discussed what Ngannou’s chances would look like in a boxing ring, and even brought up a world champion as someone Ngannou might be competitive with someday, with the right training (transcribed by

“Mark my words, if Francis Ngannou decides to jump ship and go to heavyweight boxing, he will nuke some fools.

“It’s going to take a long time to get to (Deontay) Wilder’s level. Wilder’s a world champ. He’s undefeated. Francis Ngannou’s not ready to box with Wilder right now, but let me tell you something…he might connect. Wilder’s not the slickest guy in the world. We’re not talking about Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather.

“He most gets by on power and range.”

Rogan cited Ngannou’s KO win over Alistair Overeem as proof that he’s very skilled, naming some of the guys that Overeem beat as a K-1 striker. He was clear about the fact that one man in the UFC was able to withstand Ngannou’s assaultthough - former champ Stipe Miocic:

Francis Ngannou, everyone he connects with other than Stipe, goes night night. Stipe is the only guy. Stipe figured out how to use his championship mettle, use his grit, use his takedowns, and won the fight.”

Ngannou (13-3, 8-2 UFC) meets Junior dos Santos at a UFC on ESPN event in Minneapolis next month.