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Mayweather spokesperson Leonard Ellerbe responds to McGregor: ‘He’s always welcome’ to another ‘ass-whooping’

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“If Conor McGregor wants some of that smoke again, he knows what he’s got to do.”

Last week, former UFC double champ Conor McGregor called for a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., claiming that he whooped him in the early rounds and, with the right adjustments, would have beaten the boxing great at his own game.

“I believe I would win. Actually, there I go again with the fake humbleness — I know I would win,” McGregor said in a recent interview with motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins.

Although McGregor did have some success in the early rounds, the Irishman was outboxed in the mid to late rounds and succumbed to a barrage of punches in the 10th, losing via technical knockout (doctor’s stoppage).

Mayweather’s spokesperson and CEO, Leonard Ellerbe, caught wind of McGregor’s comments and said ‘The Notorious’ is more than welcome to another ‘ass-whooping’ in the boxing ring — he just has to contact UFC president Dana White to get the wheels in motion.

“That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that but Conor McGregor knows he’s always welcome to that ass-whooping,” Ellerbe told TMZ Sports in a recent interview (transcript via MMA Fighting). “I have the utmost respect for Conor, Dana, and those guys. If Conor McGregor wants some of that smoke again, he knows what he’s got to do.

“He knows what he’s got to do. All he’s got to do is call Dana. That’s all he has to do. I can’t speak for Floyd but I’ll tell you what, Conor McGregor, if he wants that ass-whooping again, I’m sure Floyd would oblige to that.”

Although McGregor wouldn’t hesitate to accept the rematch, it’s more likely his next bout will be in the Octagon. McGregor is rumored to return to the UFC this summer, but that date could be pushed back. The 30-year-old was recently pictured with his hand in a cast after sustaining an injury in sparring.