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Luke Rockhold on Anthony Smith’s comments: It’s pretty funny, I didn’t realize I was still in his head

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Luke Rockhold is amused by Anthony Smith’s comments about wanting to “drill a hole through his face.”

Luke Rockhold has commented on Anthony Smith’s tirade towards him that ‘Lionheart’ made at a recent UFC press conference.

Talking on The MMA Hour, Rockhold didn’t know what he did to provoke Smith’s comments about wanting to drill a hole through his face at the UFC’s seasonal press conference, but he described them as “funny”.

”It’s pretty funny,” Rockhold said when asked about Smith’s words recently. “I didn’t really realize I was still in his head that bad, so I don’t know. Maybe the guy’s just, like I said before, he’s scared of the truth. I don’t know what I did to exactly provoke all of that, but … I just talk the truth too much, what can I say.”

Making the move up from middleweight to light heavyweight, Rockhold expressed his interest in a fight with Smith. Instead, ‘Lionheart’ earned a title shot when he fought and lost to Jon Jones by unanimous decision in March at UFC 235. Rockhold predicted Smith wouldn’t last more than an round in that fight.

”It’s just me coming into this division, I wanted a fight, he seemed like a logical opponent,” Rockhold said. “And then they trot him up and Jon picked him off as an easy fight. So [Jones] basically made the UFC take it, and I just didn’t think much of the matchup, and obviously I don’t think the rest of the world thought much of the matchup once it happened.

Rockhold (16-4) last fought in February 2018 when he lost by third-round knockout to Yoel Romero. He will make his debut at 205-pounds against Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 on July 6th.