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Boxing champ Keith Thurman calls for bout with Conor McGregor

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Undefeated welterweight champion Keith Thurman wants a piece of Conor McGregor, but under boxing rules.

Conor McGregor’s 2017 boxing venture against Floyd Mayweather Jr. made him an open target to be called out by other professional boxers. The latest one being undefeated WBA welterweight champion Keith Thurman, who recently challenged “The Notorious” during a recent run-in with reporters, including TMZ.

“Conor, box me, baby,” Thurman said to the camera. “Conor, box me! You know you make more money in the boxing ring, anyways. Box me, Conor!

“Next pay-per-view fight after Manny Pacquiao.”

Thurman also took shots at McGregor, both for his performance against Mayweather, and his overall skills under boxing rules.

“Once he realized he can’t land regular punches, he started doing overhand hammer slaps,” he said. “You can’t hold, you can’t kick, you can’t grapple. The advantage is, ‘Do you have skills with the left? Do you have skills with the right? Do you have footwork?’

“And one thing he doesn’t have is conditioning. He’s not ready for these championship fights,” Thurman continued. “Floyd walked him down and beat him like he was playing Fight Night.”

Thurman will be defending his WBA title against Manny Pacquiao on July 20th in Las Vegas.