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Rashad Evans: ‘I guarantee’ Cormier vs. Jones at heavyweight would be a ‘different fight’

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Rashad Evans is confident that a more hydrated and powerful Daniel Cormier would give Jon Jones a run for his money at heavyweight.

Rashad Evans Jon Jones Daniel Cormier D.C. UFC heavyweight Miesha Tate SiriusXM Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Rashad Evans believes Jon Jones will almost always have a leg up over Daniel Cormier at light heavyweight, but add 20 to 40 pounds and things could change considerably.

The soon-to-be UFC Hall-of-Famer shared his analysis on a Cormier vs. Jones heavyweight fight while speaking to former women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate on her SirusXM show. “I think if Jon Jones did fight DC at heavyweight it’d be a totally different fight. I think Jon Jones knows that, he is a very smart fighter,” Evans said. “I think he has a better chance of beating DC at 205 because when DC makes 205, it’s not only the fact that he’s gotta face Jon Jones’ skills — because that’s one thing in itself.”

“But then he has to worry about facing himself on a physical sense. How much did he deplete his body during the weight cut?” the former light heavyweight champion continued. “That seems to be what causes the damage later on in the fight when he can’t absorb a shot to the head because he doesn’t have enough fluid in his head because he’s dehydrated. That’s what happens when you cut too much weight.”

These are handicaps Cormier would not have in the heavyweight division. “At heavyweight he is a little bit more durable. He has this strength at heavyweight that he doesn’t have at 205,” Evans assured. “It’d be interesting to see the matchup at heavyweight because I guarantee it’d be a lot different fight.”

A potential third showdown between UFC light-heavyweight champion Jones and UFC heavyweight champion Cormier has often been discussed. In the meantime, however, Jones will defend his title against Thiago Santos at UFC 239 and Cormier will rematch Stipe Miocic at UFC 241.