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Grappling Report: Urijah Faber set to face Nicky Ryan this weekend in Polaris 10 main event

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Urijah Faber is one of the most experienced combat sports athletes in the world, but this weekend he’s facing a 17-year-old.

In Saturday’s Polaris 10 main event, Faber is scheduled to face the most exciting prospect in grappling. At just 17 years of age, Nicky Ryan has defeated numerous black belts and won the Polaris title by submitting JMMA legend Imanari a few months ago. Nicky is the younger brother of the reigning ADCC champion Gordon Ryan and has been training full-time with John Danaher since his early teens.

While Urijah Faber has the experience advantage, he’s likely to be wholly outmatched by Ryan when it comes to grappling. Ryan is known for his strong guard and like all Danaher Death Squad members, is elite in his leglock attacks.

You can catch Polaris on UFC Fight Pass this Saturday.


CJJ Worlds Eddie Bravo returns this weekend with another stacked combat jiu jitsu event. While CJJ is relatively new, this is the most stacked tournament they have put on to date. EBI favourites Jon Calestine and Geo Martinez are scheduled to compete as well as Ben Eddy, who previously defeated Wilson Reis in a combat jiu jitsu match.

Training with Danaher leading UK grappler Tom O’Hagan has released an interesting journal chronicling his first trip training at the Renzo Gracie academy in New York. The journal talks about how rolling with Eddie Cummings and Garry Tonon made him realise some holes in his game.

World Championships are around the corner and to get you primed, Attack The Back have put together a good preview. This year is the first year the IBJJF are paying out prize money, so it should be an interesting event.


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