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Conor McGregor inspired by LeBron James, now invests in himself instead of splurging on luxury items

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Conor McGregor says he’s focusing and investing more on his body, fitness and health.

Conor McGregor says he’s made a pretty significant change in his life. According to the UFC star, he’s done with splurging on luxury items and is focusing more on investing in himself as he looks to regain his championship form.

“For so long, in my mid to late twenties, when I started to acquire wealth and acquire money, I was fascinated with materialistic things. I would buy myself cars, watches... I switched off on that now,” McGregor said in a recently released interview with Tony Robbins.

“I realized I was spending things on material items and not things on myself, my being, on my fitness, on my health. I’ve switched that completely.”

McGregor says he was inspired by arguably the greatest NBA player of all time in LeBron James, who has shown insane longevity as he heads towards his 17th season.

James, who has also admitted to be hilariously frugal and cheap, is notorious for the hard work he puts in during the offseason and the focus he puts on conditioning and recovery. McGregor states that he’s taking notes and following through by investing in his body and his health as well.

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“My nutritionist travels with me full-time, my doctors, my training partners, my coaches. I have a full team and it’s all for health, fitness and peak performance,” McGregor said. “We’ve got to be in shape, physically, to be in shape, mentally. I’m putting more time in that.

“I actually realized that first when I read that LeBron James, he spends $1.5 million a year on himself. Physical therapists, masseuse, nutritionists, trainers, all of that. When I (saw) that, I said ‘I spend zero. I spend zero!’”

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McGregor has admitted to have had “lapses” in his motivation and commitment in the past, saying that his old methods were done a bit half-hearted.

“When a camp forms for a fight, I’ll gather a team of people, we go into the Vegas desert and lock ourselves away for ten weeks and do insanity work. If I’m training back at home during camp. I have fighters locked in a hotel room, waiting, on-call to come and fight me. It’s an insane game, but not all-in. It’s half way in, it’s not all-in.

“You certainly cannot be that way in the fight-game but in reality, you can’t be that way in any game you’re in. If you’re in a game, make sure you’re in it all the way, all-in with it, and then that game will be your game. That’s were I am right now.

“I’ve only taken this philosophy recently. Like I said, I’ve had dips, lapses in motivation, dips in commitment. But I’m figuring it all out and I’m feeling good, and I’m in a good place.”

McGregor quickly rose to superstardom in the UFC as he won championships in two divisions. Now turning 31, McGregor has since been stripped of both belts and had multiple run-ins with the law as of late. He was last seen in the Octagon losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 2018.

The Irishman hasn’t won a bout since 2016, but he still has the time and the skills to right the ship and continue his high profile fighting career. Let’s see if these lifestyle changes stick, and if McGregor can use that to get back to the top of the mountain.