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Drunken MMA fighter knocks out police officer in North Ossetia

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The former M-1 Global fighter was detained shortly thereafter. 

A former M-1 Global fighter has been arrested and charged after assaulting two police officers and stealing service weapons during a traffic stop.

According to reports, heavyweight fighter Mikhail Gazaev was among the group of people who attacked DPS officers in North Ossetia after his car was stopped by traffic police in the Ardon district of North Ossetia. The officers, who claimed the car was swerving off the road, asked to see his licence and registration. The fighter allegedly refused so the officers demanded he step out of the car. A scuffle ensued and one of the police officers was knocked unconscious while the other had his service weapon taken from him. Gazaev and his companions fled the scene thereafter. According to the injured officers, he was also drunk at the time.

Gazaev has since been arrested and charged with violence against a representative of the government, stealing weapons and ammunition, as well as their illegal trafficking. A second detainee was also imprisoned while the third was placed under house arrest.

Gazaev, who fought in the M-1 Global heavyweight division several years ago, is best known for his involvement in one of the most infamous and controversial fights in Russian MMA history. During a bout against Latvian fighter Konstantin Glukhov at M-1 Challenge 44 event in November 2013, Gazaev was awarded the victory via disqualification after Glukhov landed an illegal kick to his grounded opponent. However, some have suggested that the fault lies with Gazaev, who spent the majority of the bout in a three-point stance instead of fighting.

This is not the first time that Gazaev has been involved in a serious crime. In 2013, he was forced to retire from MMA competition after he was arrested and convicted for attacking police officers. He finished his career with a 3-0 professional record.