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Tyson Fury: Networks can’t stop bouts with Anthony Joshua or ‘bum’ Deontay Wilder

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According to Tyson Fury, using networks as a reason to not book fights is an “excuse,” and Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder can’t run from him forever.

Tyson Fury Press Conference Photo by Alex Burstow/Getty Images

There’s a lot of money being thrown around in boxing right now, especially at the three top heavyweight champions in Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Joshua signed a historic long term deal with DAZN for about $1 billion, Fury joined on a shorter deal with ESPN for over $100M, while Wilder declined a lucrative deal with DAZN and last fought with Showtime.

While it is great for the fighters to receive such monumental deals, fans have wondered whether these deals would hinder the three stars from ever fighting each other. Tyson Fury, who is doing the media rounds ahead of his bout with Tom Schwarz, claimed that networks can’t get in the way if fighters truly wanted a bout to get booked.

“If the fighters are willing to fight, why should a network get in the way? Fighters use that as an excuse... AKA Anthony Joshua,” Fury told ESPN. “He uses that a lot as an excuse, but I believe that if fighters really wanted to fight each other — as I proved. I was on BT Sport, I came over to the United States and boxed on Showtime. These fights can happen. Why not do a joint broadcast? It’s been done before, and it will happen again.

“Deontay Wilder can’t run from Tyson Fury forever. The fight has to happen,”

Fury also had choice words for both heavyweights.

“What I suggest Anthony Joshua does, is to get his nuts out of Eddie Hearn’s handbag, and use it to gain respect in the heavyweight division.”

“Wilder is a bum. He’s got a puncher’s chance, that’s it,” Fury said in a separate interview with TMZ. “Like I said, Wilder is a massive dosser, and he works for me. That’s all Wilder is. He’s a big, bum dosser, bum city, hashtag anytime, any place, anywhere. When we fight again, I promise him he’ll be looking at the stars.

“Deontay Wilder, go suck my nuts,” Fury added. “You wanna do anything about it, bitch, come find me.”

Fury noted that he expects to rematch Wilder on March or April 2020. He is set to compete on June 15 against Schawrz, and he is planning on keeping active after regardless if either of the two super-fights materializes.

“I’m not playing anyone else’s games,” he told ESPN. “I’m not going to put my career on hold because another fighter wants X, Y or Z. I’m taking my career in my own hands. When the time is right it’ll happen.”

“I’m the linear heavyweight champion of the world. All roads lead to Tyson Fury. No matter who wins out of them two, they can never be considered the best heavyweight unless they beat me. To be the man of their era, they have to beat Tyson Fury, and nobody has managed to do it in 29 fights so far.”