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Video: Paulie Malignaggi threatens to break Artem Lobov’s teeth and urinate in his mouth at BKFC 6

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Paulie Malignaggi is really trying to get under Artem Lobov’s skin.

Ultimate Boxxer III Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Things are getting heated between Paulie Malignaggi and former UFC fighter Artem Lobov ahead of their bare knuckle contest at Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 6 on June 22.

BKFC hosted a press conference earlier today in New York, and footage has emerged of Malignaggi screaming obscenities at Lobov while trying to bonk his head with the microphone.

Check out the video footage below, where Malignaggi threatens to knock out Lobov’s teeth and ‘p-ss’ in his mouth.

“Paulie Malignaggi and Artem Lobov kicked off at the obscene press conference to announce their June 22nd bare-knuckle boxing fight: ‘I’m gonna take out my d**k, after I knock his teeth out, and I’m gonna p*** in that toothless mouth,’” boxing journalist Michael Benson posted on Twitter.

Malignaggi, a former two-division boxing champion, signed with BKFC earlier in March and his promotional debut against Lobov was announced the following month. As well as threatening to smash Lobov’s teeth, ‘Magic Man’ has promised to put ‘The Russian Hammer’ in a coma after he KO’s him at BKFC 6.

Lobov, 32, was released from the UFC earlier this year and signed a three-fight contract with BKFC shortly after. The SBG Ireland product last fought in April, when he beat Jason Knight in a three-round slobber-knocker in the BKFC 5 main event.

BKFC 6: Maliganggi vs. Lobov is expected to take place next month, June 22 at Florida State Fairgrounds Entertainment Hall in Tampa, Fla.