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MMA SQUARED: Farewell, Brock Lesnar... if this retirement is real

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Sure, it’s unlikely that this will stick as long as money is green, but let’s say goodbye to one of the strangest men to ever step into the octagon.

Daniel Cormier’s last big payday has been put down like an eight point buck that Brock shot with a crossbow. Should we feel bad for him? Maybe. DC is an admirable man who has been through more than one lifetime’s worth of tragedy, but hanging your financial future on a man who shares no allegiance to anyone but himself is a fool’s errand.

MMA Squared, Chris Rini, Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar
MMA Squared: Farewell, Brock Lesnar (if this retirement is real)
Chris Rini

As for Brock, I’m reluctant to do a long form career retrospective right away, this retirement announcement feels premature. However I made this drawing not long ago as tribute to Lesnar, who at UFC 100 gave one of the greatest post fight interviews, and strangest metaphors for a beatdown you’ll ever hear.

MMA Squared, Chris Rini, Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar Chris Rini

Take care of yourself, enjoy the fights, and I’ll talk to you next week. Chris.