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Felicia Spencer open to Cyborg fight after UFC Rochester win, former champ accepts

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UFC newcomer is open to fighting Cris Cyborg after defeating Megan Anderson, and she may just get what she wished for.

UFC newcomer Felicia Spencer immediately made a strong first impression in her UFC debut with a first-round win over Megan Anderson. As she keeps her undefeated professional record intact, the former Invicta featherweight champion says it was a smooth transition into the UFC.

“I was telling myself two or three minutes (in) the first round ‘I don’t want to rush anything,’ but I definitely feel at home here,” Spencer told TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter. “I felt at home in the cage today, and I feel like I’m going to rise to every occasion.

“People maybe were doubting my skills, but I belong here, too.”

Spencer says she intends to become “the face of the women’s featherweight division”, but in order to do so, she would need to get through someone like Cris Cyborg, who has held that unofficial title for many years.

When presented with that possibility, Spencer welcomed it with open arms.

“It would be an honor. Absolutely.”

It didn’t take long for Cyborg to issue a response and ultimately accept the verbal challenge.

Cyborg has not stepped inside the Octagon since she dropped the title to Amanda Nunes at UFC 232 last December.