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Jon Jones responds to Thiago Santos’ steroid comments: ‘It’s his insurance for when he loses’

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“It’s insurance for when he loses, at least he’ll be known as a good guy.”

There has been a mutual respect between Jon Jones and Thiago Santos ahead of their light heavyweight title bout at UFC 239, but that all changed on Friday, when Santos laid into ‘Bones’ for his past use of performance-enhancing drugs and 2015 hit-and-run incident.

“He will be remembered as a roider, a guy who drives while drunk,” Santos told Combate in a recent interview. “That’s his business. I have to be remembered for not doing those things. It’s his life. If that’s how he wants to live his life, that’s his problem.”

Jones soon got word of Santos’ derogatory remarks and responded with a series of Tweets on Saturday.

According to Jones, the reigning light heavyweight champion, Santos’ comments are a kind-of insurance policy for when he inevitably loses at UFC 239.

“I don’t think he’s nervous, it’s just his way of winning some type of moral victory over me. It’s his insurance for when he loses, at least he’ll be known as a good guy,” Jones posted in his final tweet.

Expect the trash talk to intensify ahead of UFC 239, where Jones will defend his light heavyweight title against Santos in the main event. The highly anticipated pay-per-view will take place later this year, July 6 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.