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Results: Watch Deontay Wilder sensationally KO Dominic Breazeale in round 1

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Deontay Wilder made fast work of Dominic Breazeale tonight. Watch the brutal finish right here.

Deontay Wilder def. Dominic Breazeale, KO Round 1 (2:17)

Well that was fast. It took Deontay Wilder less than one round to put away the challenge of Dominic Breazeale, ending his night before the first round ended.

The two men both came out aggressively, mixing things up quickly. Wilder was the first to land a shot that impacted his opponent, staggering Breazeale with a hard right and sending him backwards. As we have many times seen in the past, he followed up by aggressively charging in, throwing defense aside to go for the KO. Breazeale managed to punch back, momentarily hurting Wilder and appearing to get things back to neutral. After a brief clinch, the two were separated and seemed to slow down a bit. But very quickly, Wilder landed a 2nd massive right, this time putting Breazeale down hard. He staggered back to his feet, but not before the referee reached 10, and the fight was done.

Watch highlights of the fight including the KO, above or at Showtime’s Twitter.

With that win, Wilder is now 41-0-1 with 40 KOs. Still, the big fights for him are the two we are unlikely to see due to boxing politics: Anthony Joshua, and a rematch with Tyson Fury. In his post-match interview, Wilder said these fights “will happen” but that fans need to be patient so that the fighters can get paid what they deserve for the fights. Also in the spot-fight, Showtime brought Luis Ortiz into the ring to hype up a Wilder vs. Ortiz II rematch, so look for that up next for the Bronze Bomber.

Breazeale takes just his 2nd pro loss here, dropping his record to 20-2 with those losses coming against Wilder and Joshua.