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UFC Rochester results: Rafael dos Anjos submits Kevin Lee in round four

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Rafael dos Anjos just submitted Kevin Lee in the fourth round of the UFC Rochester main event.

The UFC Rochester event just finished up with the UFC’s former lightweight champ Rafael dos Anjos submitting the promotion’s #7 ranked lightweight, Kevin Lee, but up at 170-pounds.

Lee came out hot, standing in the pocket and throwing hard combos, and RDA met his intensity and returned heavy strikes of his own. Lee then deployed a grinding takedown heavy gameplan, trying to grind on RDA against the cage. RDA weathered the early storm of Lee, and began to work his own grinding game. They chased takedowns back and forth, until a botched takedown from a fatigued Lee in the fourth round led to RDA taking top position. It was only a matter of time before an arm triangle was locked up and Lee was tapping.

With the win, RDA snaps a two-fight losing skid and did so looking strong late in the fight. Where does he go from here though?

Rafael dos Anjos def. Kevin Lee by submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:47 of round 4: Lightweight