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Video: Cosmo Alexandre knocks Sage Northcutt out cold in 29 seconds at ONE Championship

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Sage Northcutt lost his ONE Championship debut via knockout to Cosmo Alexandre.

ONE Championship

Former UFC prospect Sage Northcutt had a tough debut at ONE Championship.

Paired up against Brazilian kickboxer and Muay Thai standout Cosmo Alexandre at ONE Championship - Enter The Dragon, in Singapore, the 23-year-old was caught early into the fight with a hard right hand to the chin and dropped face first to the ground unconscious, losing in just 29 seconds. On Twitter, Caposa shared the moment of the knockout.

The loss not only snapped Sage’s three-fight winning streak, with victories over Michel Quinones, Thibault Gouti and Zak Ottow, but also marked Northcutt’s first ever knockout defeat in 14 outings. Northcutt was not re-signed by the UFC in free agency following the Ottow fight, as he agreed to sign with the Asian MMA promotion late last year.

Cosmo Alexandre, Northcutt’s elder by 14 years, had been away from MMA since September 2016, when he defeated Nuerdebieke Bahetihan via TKO at Legacy Fighting Championship 28. The win extended Alexandre’s streak to eight in a row, with his lone loss happening in his debut, back in October 2011.