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Professional wrestler arrested after alleged ‘body-slam’ over parking spot

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Macho Abe Ken, 40, was booked on suspicion of assault in Chigasaki City, Japan.

According to Kenji Abe, 40, a professional wrestler who performs under the name Macho Ken Abe, was arrested in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa after a reportedly violent dispute outside of a supermarket. reported that the incident happened at around 5:30pm local time on Sunday and that it all started when Abe got into an argument with a 47-year-old man over a parking spot.

According to that outlet the dispute turned violent when Abe grabbed the other man’s arms and twisted them behind his back. Then, reportedly, Abe body-slammed the man to the ground and pinned him.

Police arrived on the scene and found the alleged victim suffering light injuries including cuts to his face. The alleged victim was briefly hospitalized, but is not reported to be suffering from any lingering or life-altering physical injuries.

It is claimed that Abe admitted to slamming the alleged victim when talking to police on the scene. Japan Today reported that Abe explained that he manhandled the other man because he got angry after the man cut in front of him while he was about to enter a vacant space in the parking lot.

Abe was booked on suspicion of assault. Whether he is charged with assault depends on the outcome of the police’s investigation into the incident.