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Grappling Report: ADCC trials winner and top BJJ prospect Nick Rodriguez eyes WWE contract

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A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

Nick Rodriguez is probably the biggest phenomenon to ever enter the jiu jitsu world.

With only one year of BJJ training, Rodriguez has qualified for ADCC, won the Fight 2 Win purple belt title and submitted multiple black belts. While Rodriguez has a decent background in high school wrestling, his achievements on the mats are unheralded. Two weeks after his first ever class he defeated a black belt in competition.

While Rodriguez’s eyes are on his upcoming Polaris match and ADCC in September, the phenom has said that he has his eyes set on the WWE. In an interview with BJJ news website, Nick Rodriguez let slip that he’s already tried out with the WWE and explained why he is more drawn to wrestling:

“If I could sign with WWE that would be a big step in my career for sure… Jiu Jitsu is fun, but you wanna take 50k from ADCC, or 500k from being on the road with WWE?”

Nick Rodriguez looks like a good fit for the WWE, but before a move to the world of wrestling entertainment happens, you can watch him face Ash Amos on Polaris 10.


Keenan Cornelius is set to continue his post Atos life with a match against former IBJJF world champion Nicholas Meregali in the main event of 3rd Coast Grappling’s upcoming event in Houston. It will be interesting to see how Cornelius performs in the months following his departure from Andre Galvao’s Atos team.

Lachlan Giles has qualified for ADCC. Popular Australian grappler Lachlan Giles recently won the ADCC Asian trials and booked himself a spot in the most prestigious tournament in the world. Giles, along with Craig Jones, has revolutionized grappling in Australia and with both competing at this year’s ADCC there is a chance they might take a medal back to Absolute MMA.

Doping perpetrator Tayane Porfirio has vowed to continue fighting her USADA violation despite previously accepting her 4 year ban. Porfirio is a multiple time world champion and her ban is one of the longest seen in BJJ.


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