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UFC 237’s Anderson Silva sustained no serious damage in leg kick TKO loss to Jared Cannonier

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Anderson Silva avoided a serious injury in his loss to Jared Cannonier at UFC 237.

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Fans feared the worst when former middleweight champion Anderson Silva crumpled to the mat after opponent Jared Cannonier landed a hard leg kick to Silva’s right knee in the first round of the UFC 237 co-main event.

Silva, who suffered his second leg kick TKO loss at UFC 237, was writhing in pain and was seen limping back to his locker room at Rio de Janeiro’s Jeunesse Arena.

It was thought that Silva had torn his ACL but, according to MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz, the Brazilian fan favorite sustained no serious damage and only requires physical therapy for a full, healthy recovery. Silva’s MRI scan revealed no torn ligaments or broken bones.

UFC 237 marked Silva’s second straight loss, and the former pound-for-pound great hasn’t won more than two fights in a row since his unparalleled middleweight title reign from 2006-2013. Former opponent Michael Bisping, who beat Silva via unanimous decision back in 2016, has called for the future UFC Hall of Famer to retire.