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Namajunas hints at retirement: UFC title is a ‘materialistic thing that ends up controlling your life’

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Now former UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas speaks candidly about her loss to Jessica Andrade at UFC 237.

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After a successful title defense at UFC 233 over a year ago, Rose Namajunas has tasted her first defeat in nearly three years against Jessica Andrade on Saturday night. During her post-fight interview with Jon Anik, “Thug Rose” spoke about how the loss lifted a lot of pressure from her shoulders.

During a backstage interview with Aaron Bronsteter of TSN Sports, Namajunas elaborated on her statements further.

“It’s just a huge pressure. You always got to obsess about everything,” she said.

For Namajunas, being a champion is really just about the prestige and the money that comes along with it. But for the most part, she feels this kind of status is being overblown.

“I think what it is is prior to becoming a champ, you put a lot of importance on getting the belt and all that stuff. It is important, but it’s kind of only financially important,” she said. “Really, at the end of the day, it’s all about facing your fears and to me, once I realized I’ve become the champ and defending the belt, having the belt itself is-- it’s cool, but it doesn’t mean as much as I think people put meaning on it.

“It’s just a materialistic thing that ends up controlling your life, and really, it’s like-- I went out there and had fun and I challenged myself and I have some many other things to look forward to,” Namajunas added. “It’s just a part of me and it’s an accomplishment. “

When asked if she intends to reclaim her title, Namajunas was non-committal about her response.

”Maybe I’ll get it again, maybe I won’t. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll never do this again. We’ll see,” she said.

“I definitely know I can beat her. I just have to make sure that I want to and I want to do this.”

Namajunas, who now drops to a record of 8-4, took home an extra $50,000 for the Fight of the Night bonus.