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UFC 237 video: Anderson Silva injured after big leg kick from Jared Cannonier

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Watch highlights from the UFC 237 co-main event.

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UFC 237 was co-headlined by Anderson Silva taking on Jared Cannonier. The former middleweight champion took multiple hard leg kicks, with Cannonier eventually ending the contest after landing a massive one that badly hurt Silva. He dropped to the mat in pain, and Herb Dean immediately stopped the contest.

Watch highlights from the bout below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play:

Round 1 - Slow start, which is par for the course for Anderson. Leg kick from Cannonier. Another. He misses with two right hooks. Another leg kick. Silva hadn’t thrown a thing until two minutes in when he lands a body kick. Cannonier walks Anderson down and lands a eg kick. Silva responds with his own, then his a jumping switch kick. Right hook from Cannonier, and again. Silva with an elbow but he can’t lock up the Thai clinch. Silva with a front kick to the body. Cannonier with an inside leg kick. Cannonier with a slapping right hook. He goes to the body. Jab. Silva whiffs on a head kick and spins thatrically. Cannonier lands a hard kick to the knee and Silva goes down injured. It’s over just like that.

Jared Cannonier defeated Anderson Silva via TKO (leg kick), 4:47 of round 1