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UFC 237: Namajunas vs. Andrade results and post-fight analysis

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Tim B. takes a look at a largely disappointing UFC 237 event in Rio.

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Well, UFC 237 sure ended with a bang after a bunch of disappointing bouts before that. Rose Namajunas looked absolutely excellent for a round and a half against Jessica Andrade, punishing her with great striking and almost finishing her with an armbar. Jessica Andrade’s power and aggressiveness was being used against her to great effect.

Until it wasn’t.

Andrade scooped Namajunas up against the cage. Namajunas was trying to use a kimura to prevent being slammed. But she held onto it too long, and instead of rotating over when she was being dropped on the mat, she tucked in a little bit. She basically got powerbombed - folded up like an accordion. And Thug Rose was immediately unconscious.

Jessica Andrade saved the card for Brazil, and she’s the new strawweight champion of the world.

  • It was kind of funny listening to Dominick Cruz trying to change his commentary after he said Rose couldn’t get slammed if she held onto the kimura.
  • Jared Cannonier said what he was going to do. He said he was going to kick Anderson Silva’s legs, and he did. He just happened to be kicking a previously-injured knee of the Spider, which he didn’t know about, and it gave out. Silva went down, he couldn’t get up, and that was that. No one likes fights that finish like that, but that’s fighting sometimes. It just makes me wonder if Anderson is done now or not.
  • The crowd was awful to Cannonier. I’m all for patriotism, but he didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t cheat. Injuries happen. They have every right to be demoralized by the outcome, but I don’t blame Cannonier for reacting the way he did. He might regret it later, because he seems like a pretty humble guy, but I honestly understand his response. The crowd doesn’t have to like him, but they could have showed some level of respect for him as a fighter. They didn’t. He called them on it. Fair is fair.
  • Jose Aldo was tremendously disappointing tonight. I don’t think it was as much that Alexander Volkanovski shut him down. Aldo just didn’t have the same fire he almost always has in the cage. He let Volkanovski touch him and touch him and never really responded. Volkanovski fought a smart, measured fight and he’s now the number one contender. Bring on Max Holloway.
  • Like Aldo, Thiago Alves just never got going in his fight with Laureano Staropoli. Staropoli did excellent work though, busting out flashy stuff but showing good fundamentals as well. I look forward to seeing him again.
  • Bethe Correia and Irene Aldana was a pretty decent main card opener. Correia never found her range in round one and dropped the stanza easily. But once she started kicking in round two, she was able to successfully pressure Aldana evened it up. The third was a pretty good brawl, until Aldana hit Correia with...something. Correia shot in, then gave up her back - and Aldana armbarred her in about a second. It was a very abrupt and strange ending to some good action.
  • As Correia was about to enter the cage, the ref that was checking her equipment rubbed his hand on her belly, and...smelled his fingers. That was extremely odd.
  • Ryan Spann destroyed Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in two minutes. There’s not really much to say about it, other than I don’t see the point in Lil Nog continuing to fight. He’s done a ton in the sport. He’s a legend. Just leave it at that.
  • Thiago Moises looks like the real deal so far. He can wrestle, he has accurate hands, and he completely threw Kurt Holobaugh off his gameplan on the way to a dominant decision win.
  • Warlley Alves kicked the bejesus out of Sergio Moraes’ legs. It was almost uncomfortable to watch. Moraes never really had anything for him, and Alves eventually finished him in the last minute of the fight.
  • BJ Penn didn’t look as bad as he has in recent outings. He won the first round at least. But as usual, his gas tank caught up to him and Clay Guida overwhelmed him over the final two to get the win. Penn has now lost seven fights in a row, a UFC record. When is enough enough?
  • Luana Carolina and Priscila Cachoeira shouldn’t be in the UFC. Next.
  • Carlos Huachin came in as a late replacement and not many people gave him much of a chance against Raoni Barcelos. But for the first half of the fight, he looked damn good. Unfortunately for him, training time and experience took over and Barcelos cracked and dropped him, then gave him a sustained beating on the ground that was enough for the referee to step in. It wasn’t a great stoppage to be honest, but Huachin didn’t complain. So whatever.
  • The event kicked off with a bang, as Viviane Araujo came up two weight classes and looked excellent in a big win over Talita Bernardo. After touching Bernardo up for two rounds, she landed a massive shot and picked up the rare walk-off KO in women’s MMA. if she can do that at 135, I’m very excited to see what she can do at 115.