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UFC 237 results: Jessica Andrade KOs Rose Namajunas with slam to win strawweight belt

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Jessica Andrade just knocked out Rose Namajunas by slam to capture the strawweight title in the UFC 237 main event.

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The UFC 237 main event just wrapped up with the #1 ranked 115-pounder Jessica Andrade knocking out Rose Namajunas by slam in the second round to capture the strawweight belt. Andrade has won four straight and becomes the first person to knock Namajunas out, but up until that point it was a largely dominant showing by “Thug Rose.” A truly stunning turn of events that sees a new champion at 115 lbs.

Namajunas started the fight light on her toes. She was floating around, sticking Andrade and moving out of harms way. Andrade scored a huge lifting slam, but Namajunas was quick to return to her feet. A savage knee from the clinch sent Andrade stumbling but she quickly recovered.

Andrade threw with more volume to open the second round, backing up Namajunas. It was the continuous movement of Namajunas that was causing Andrade to miss a bunch. Andrade closed the distance, and lifted up Namajunas again for a slam. This time, Andrade spiked Namajunas into the canvas, knocking her out cold.

Jessica Andrade def. Rose Namajunas by KO at 2:58 of round 2: Strawweight Title