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UFC 237 results: Alexander Volkanovski handily wins decision over Jose Aldo

Alexander Volkanovski just won a unanimous decision over Jose Aldo on the UFC 237 PPV main card.

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The UFC 237 PPV main card just witnessed the promotion’s #4 ranked featherweight Alexander Volkanovski upset the former 145-pound champ Jose Aldo in Brazil. Volkanovski has now won all seven of his UFC bouts and should absolutely be next in line for a shot at Max Holloway’s belt. For Aldo, this broke up a two-fight winning streak.

Aldo immediately took the center of the cage, forcing Volkanovski to come to him. Volkanovski threw a bunch of feints and was the one throwing more volume in the opening round. Aldo came alive in the closing moments, backing up Volkanovski to the cage. Volkanovski kept up his volume in the second round seeming to be in more of a rhythm than his opponent. An accidental eye poke to Aldo caused a pause in the action. The bout resumed and Volkanovski shoved Aldo up against the fence and proceeded to pepper his leg with knees. The pressure o f Volkanovski continued in the final round. He threw volume until he was close enough to grab ahold of Aldo and then pressed him against the cage. Volkanovski chipped away with short shots to the thigh. Rinse and repeat.

Alexander Volkanovski def. Jose Aldo by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): Featherweight