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Video: Chi-Lewis Parry confronts ‘d—khead’ Jon Jones at fitness expo in England

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Chi-Lewis Parry has confronted Jon Jones at a fitness expo in England.

Chi-Lewis Parry, a top kickboxer and teammate of Daniel Cormier, launched a verbal attack towards UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at a fitness expo in England.

Parry crossed paths with Jones at the BodyPower fitness expo in Birmingham, England on Friday. The UFC champion was there on behalf of his nutrition sponsor, GAT.

Parry’s beef with Jones stems back to UFC 197 in 2016, when the Englishman was involved in Daniel Cormier’s training camp to help him prepare for Jones. Parry described Jones as “the biggest d—k on the planet” after a confrontation in a car park following a press conference to promote the fight.

In the video, Parry approaches Jones at the GAT Sport stand and launches the verbal tirade towards him.

“Hey, homeboy, how much they paying you to pretend to be a nice guy?” Parry said. “You know you’re a d-ckhead. Everyone knows you’re a d-ckhead.”

Jones followed by clapping at Parry’s remarks and said, “Everyone give him a round of applause.” However things almost got physical after when Parry started to walk towards Jones and continued his call-out.

“You remember last time when you had your brothers? Where are your brothers now?” Parry ended with. When Jones told security to not hold Parry back, the Brit walked towards Jones and reached towards his face, which seemed to anger the light heavyweight champion. The pair were then broken up and the video ends.