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Canelo Alvarez: Daniel Jacobs is better technically, more difficult opponent than Gennady Golovkin

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Canelo Alvarez says Daniel Jacobs is a better technical fighter than GGG.

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Canelo Alvarez is gearing up to face Daniel Jacobs this weekend, and he spoke to the assembled media during the fighter arrivals. When asked about how Jacobs stacks up against a former rival in Gennady Golovkin, he praised his current opponent.

“Technically, he’s a much better fighter. His abilities are much better,” Canelo’s translator said.

“Right now Jacobs is very difficult — tough. He’s number two in the division, the second best middleweight, obviously Canelo is number one.”

Not that what he said was completely different, but here’s a more accurate translation of Canelo’s answer comparing Jacobs to Golovkin.

“Technically, yes. For me Jacobs is better, the more difficult opponent, and more complete in his skills,” Alvarez said in Spanish. “Yes, he’s better (than Golovkin).”

Canelo fought ‘GGG’ twice, with two very closely debated decisions that ended in a draw in 2017, and a majority decision win in 2018. Just prior to those two bouts, Golovkin beat Jacobs by decision in 2017.