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Report: Police investigating Conor McGregor over alleged bar fight

McGregor was allegedly involved in an incident at the Marble Arch pub in Dublin on Saturday.

According to the Irish Mirror, former UFC champion Conor McGregor is being investigated by Ireland’s police force, the gardai, over allegations he assaulted a bar patron in Dublin on Saturday.

The report in the Irish Mirror stated that McGregor is accused of fighting at the Marble Arch pub in Dublin’s Drimnagh neighbourhood. That outlet quoted a number of sources regarding what allegedly took place.

One of those sources claimed that McGregor “was being a show off in the pub and one man didn’t like it.” That source said the unnamed man approached McGregor “to have a word with him.”

A second source told the Irish Mirror that someone approached McGregor and said: “The Russian battered you.”

It is unclear whether the man who made the comment is the same as the man who wanted ‘a word’ with McGregor.

It is reported that a man has since told gardai that he was punched by Conor McGregor in that bar. Again, it’s unclear if the man who made the complaint is the same man either of the sources were referring to.

Gardai confirmed to the Irish Mirror that they are investigating an alleged assault at the Marble Arch pub. That outlet added that McGregor was in Dublin at that time to attend an amateur fight night at the nearby Green Isle Hotel in Clondalkin.

This is not the first alleged bar fight involving McGregor that has been splashed across Irish tabloids. In 2017 Irish press ran stories about McGregor allegedly striking a man at the Blackforge Inn in Dublin. Those stories also reported that the man was allegedly a known associate of the Kinahan Cartel (for more on that story read BE’s 2018 feature story ‘Conor and the Cartel’).

This current allegation versus McGregor is the third accusation the possibly retired fighter has faced in the past month. On March 11th, McGregor was arrested in Miami, FL after he allegedly took a fan’s phone and smashed it on the ground. On March 26th, The New York Times reported that McGregor was under investigation over an accusation of a December 2018 sexual assault.

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