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Video: Robert Talarek wins wildest boxing match of the year in ten-knockdown brawl

How... how on earth did this fight get like this? Watch every single knockdown from Robert Talarek vs. Patryk Szymanski. All ten of them.

Screenshot from Polish TV

It’s not just the Polish MMA scene that delivers all sorts of incredible, chaotic action.

On Saturday, middleweight boxers Robert Talarek and Patryk Szymanski engaged in one of the most absurd matches you’ll ever see in any combat sport. The fight went just five of the scheduled eight rounds, but featured an absolutely astonishing TEN knockdowns.

Szymanski got off to a dream start with two knockdowns in round one, only for Talarek to floor him in round two. No worries for Szymanski, has he dropped Talarek twice in that same round to make it four knockdowns to one in his favor after just six minutes.

From there, Talarek took over with a pair of knockdowns in round three, two more in round four, and then one more knockdown in the fifth round that signaled an incredible comeback and a dramatic TKO win for Robert. He scored six knockdowns to Szymanski’s four, and you can watch all ten in the video below.

Szymanski announced his retirement in the aftermath of that war.

The most recent boxing match I can think of that matches this one for drama and a high number of knockdowns was Tommy Coyle vs. Daniel Brizuela in 2014. That bout saw Coyle win by 12th round TKO after both men dropped each other four times.

This is why we watch combat sports!

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