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BE Mailbag: Gaethje vs McGregor, unions, and an MMA journalist grand prix

Bloody Elbow’s managing editor, Anton Tabuena answers your questions.

The Bloody Elbow Mailbag is back, and from several of our reader questions, we’re discussing various topics such as Justin Gaethje’s big win, Jose Aldo’s remaining UFC bouts, and even an MMA journalist open weight grand prix.

LautrecOfCarim: What do you think needs to happen for fighters to get treated better as far as pay and other benefits?

Whether it’s a union or an association, fighters badly need to organize, and it should’ve happened yesterday. With the new ESPN+ PPV deal basically guaranteeing them big money, the UFC now has more leverage than ever, and they won’t need to bend to fighters’ demands.

I doubt any of these efforts to organize will happen any time soon though. Fighters are as divided as ever, and they can’t even do something as simple as anonymously signing those Project Spearhead cards.

Coleglunz: Gaethje’s time in the sport might be limited, but if matched correctly, he could not only become a huge star, but also serve as the poster child for the type of fighter you want to promote. Do you A.) Give Gaethje the big payday he’s asked for/deserves and match him up with McG B.) Give him the winner of Poirier vs Holloway or C.) Fill in the blank with your preferred option.

I doubt it happens, but after that win over Barboza I now really want to see Gaethje vs. McGregor in a five-round fight that headlines a big PPV. I want to see if McGregor can snipe and finish him early, or if Gaethje’s pressure, pace, and leg kicks wear the Irishman down. It seems like a fun match up that doesn’t need gross trash talk to sell, and whoever wins impressively can also get the next title shot after Poirier/Holloway.

This is McGregor we’re talking about though, so if that doesn’t happen, I would gladly settle for Gaethje vs Ferguson (or even the winner of Iaquinta vs Cerrone).

I chop meat: Do you think Holloway vs Aldo 3 makes sense if Holloway loses at UFC 236 and Aldo wins at UFC 237? And if it doesn’t, who would you like Aldo to fight in his retirement (apparently) fight?

Do you hate Aldo? I never want to see them matched up ever again.

Aldo won’t fight for the title (and get a new contract) if he’s really moving on from the UFC, so I would just prefer to see him finally move up and get some fun fights at 155. Personally, I’d like to see him against Nate Diaz or Donald Cerrone, but if I had to guess, he’ll probably just fight featherweight contenders until his contract expires.

Pan Am Games: Wrestling Matt Detrich-USA TODAY Sports

TopBlokeBobbyKnuckles: Jordan Burroughs, Buakaw, Marcelo Garcia. Each guy has 3 months to train MMA before taking on their respective divisions. Who does the best out of them?

I’ll assume this hypothetical scenario would be the three of them in their primes, because Buakaw and Marcelo are already far from theirs today. Also, if it was only three months, that’s not enough time to learn about the other facets of MMA, so they won’t be able to stray too far from their current skillsets.

Buakaw with years of MMA training could’ve been a monster, but with just three months, his striking could probably be easily negated as he would still be clueless on the ground. Marcelo, I don’t even need to speculate, as he already fought (and lost) in MMA and probably had more than just three months to prepare. His striking wasn’t good, and he seemed to really struggle finishing chokes and grappling with MMA gloves. Burroughs not only has a base that can translate easier to MMA, he also is by far the most athletic guy on the list, making it more likely that he will be able to learn and develop the most in that short amount of time.

Burroughs with three months of MMA training could probably takedown, ride and pound out quite a few fighters. If he actually made the switch a few years ago and dedicated himself to MMA, he would probably be a contender at the very least.

Kent_C: It’s an MMA journalist open weight Grand Prix, promoted by Bjorn Rebney on a barge in shark-infested international waters — who wins, and who’s the scrappy underdog that makes it way further than the oddsmakers predicted? #sponsoredbydudewipes

I know a few people here on BE who compete and can more than hold their own against fellow writers. We also have Roxy Modafferi on staff, while Julie Kedzie, Danny Downes and Mike Jackson are writers/media as well. They’ll all probably make it far, but weight classes are there for a reason, and I think that a 400 lb giant bearded mammoth in Luke Thomas can snap a lot of us puny humans in half.

PS: Sharks are nice and misunderstood creatures. Leave them out of this.

Butternut Squash: Is there a larger story about why Zane is referred to in derogatory terms by other podcast hosts? Or is just because he’s kind of a MMA hipster?

Zane: I don’t know why anyone would be mean to me. Especially not the jerks I work with. Just because I call them names, and tell them how bad all their ideas are? Apparently no one appreciates straight talk and honesty anymore. Especially not Mookie, that young man should know better than to disrespect his elders. YOU HEAR ME MOOK! KEEP MY NAME OUTTA YOUR MOUTH!

Jasonbob: How does BE get around child labor laws with a 12 year old Mookie on staff?

Mookie is really good at pretending he’s some older dude from New York. One day I might share evidence of him doing a google search to plan this trickery.

If you want to ask anything and have them featured on our next column, you can tweet me @antontabuena using the hashtag #BEmailbag, or simply comment on our next fanpost calling for questions.

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