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Greg Hardy: I’m the fights sports’ athlete version of what Michael Jordan could be

Greg Hardy is ecstatic about finally picking up his first UFC win, as he sees nothing but positive things in his MMA venture.

After an anti-climactic and controversial UFC debut in January, Greg Hardy finally picked up his first UFC win. And as he had mentioned entering the fight, the “Prince of War” is only seeing the progress ahead of him.

“To come over here and transition to a place where “titan” isn’t the right justification for what these (fighters) are,” Hardy said during the post-fight presser. “It’s amazing. And I just don’t think these heights have been reached yet.

“I’m the fights sports’ athlete version of what Michael Jordan could be. This is just getting started. We’re scratching the surface, basically.”

Hardy is not exactly a beloved sports figure, given his past misgivings, and his disqualification loss during his debut did not help boost his image, either. But nowadays, he simply chooses to pay attention to the positives.

“If you really listen, there’s less and less boos, man. All I hear is the crowd. All I hear is the people that appreciate me,” he said.

“People are gonna boo, it happens. But all I heard was cheers, man. I heard people that love me, I heard my crowd, my fans, the people that I’ve embraced came down here, people who’ve been living here for two, three years accept me and enjoy what I put out.

“That was the best feeling, just to know that they enjoy what I put out,” he added.

With his first-round TKO win over Dmitrii Smoliakov, Hardy now holds a record of 4-1 (with all wins by stoppage).