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Dana White defends Greg Hardy’s UFC booking, questions Smoliakov’s fight record

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Dana White defended Greg Hardy’s second UFC fight booking, but questioned Dmitrii Smoliakov’s professional fight record.

The UFC has been getting flak from some fans for giving Greg Hardy his second co-main event slot against Dmitrii Smoliakov, even after an unsatisfactory debut performance in January. During the post-fight presser, company president Dana White went on defend the company’s decision, while also questioning the legitimacy of Smoliakov’s professional record.

“You guys know, I’ve been doing this for 20 years, we don’t do set-up fights for anybody,” White told members of the media.

“I don’t know who the f—k that guy beat in nine fights, but I’d like to see the nine guys he beat.”

White did defend Hardy’s performance that led to a first-round TKO stoppage, but he just could not fathom how Smoliakov racked up a 9-2 record entering the fight.

“Not to take anything away from Hardy. Hardy came in in great shape, Hardy doesn’t make fights, me and my guys do,” he said. “And Hardy came in in better shape and did what he had to do. He treated that guy like he supposed to.

“The guy’s record is 9-2. I want to see the nine guys he beat. They might be in this room right now, actually.”

Smoliakov (now 9-3, with all wins by stoppage) put on an eight-fight undefeated streak since he made his professional debut in Russia in 2013, before signing with the UFC three years later. He has yet to pick up a win inside the Octagon, as he now holds an 0-3 record with the company.