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Amateur boxer claims Conor McGregor hit him with a cheap shot during exhibition match

Amateur boxer Michael McGrane is crying foul over a cheap shot he said he took from Conor McGregor during their exhibition match in Crumlin last week.

Last week, shelved UFC lightweight Conor McGregor returned to competition inside the boxing gym. “The Notorious” took part in an exhibition match against amateur boxer Michael McGrane in his home gym at the Crumlin Boxing Club in Dublin.

As seen on video, McGregor immediately threw a left hand as soon as the opening bell rang in, which for McGrane was a cheap shot.

“We touch gloves at the start of the fight and you’re meant to go back to your corner, but Conor never went back to his corner,” McGrane told TMZ Sports. “Conor leaped at me with a left hook, the clinical left hooks, and he caught me flush in the eye with his clinical left hook.”

“Yeah, it was a cheap shot. It was the cheapest shot I’ve ever caught in my life. Conor McGregor hit me with a cheap shot in his hometown,” he added, while also stating that the ref was on the UFC star’s side.

Nonetheless, McGrane was proud of his performance.

“He was a bit shocked that we didn’t give up. I’m not like most people,” he said. “It takes a lot for me to give up, especially if you’re in there with a double-world champion, I’m not gonna give up that easy. Definitely not.”

McGregor last saw action at UFC 229 in October, where he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov via fourth-round submission.

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