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UFC newcomer Deron Winn: Daniel Cormier’s only loss is to ‘the biggest fraud in MMA’

AKA’s Deron Winn says his teammate and close friend is already an established great, even without a third fight against Jon Jones.

UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is already considered one of the all-time greats, based solely on his MMA accomplishments. But there are still those who refuse to give him his props until he gets to defeat his biggest rival Jon Jones.

For those close to him like teammate and recent UFC signee Deron Winn, however, Jones is a non-factor in terms of building “DC” up as one of the best to ever do it.

“I don’t think he should ever worry about a guy like Jon Jones ever again,” Winn said of Cormier during Monday’s episode of The MMA Hour (via MMA Fighting). “And as much as people want to act like [Jones is] the greatest — he’s a cheat. He’s a coward, he’s a cheat, he’s never been legal. Even these past couple of fights, he keeps failing drug tests, so he’s a cheat and his legacy will always be tarnished.

“DC has passed something crazy like 60 USADA tests from when he was wrestling in the Olympics,” he continued. “He’s a clean, fair, hardworking guy, and I want him to get one more big paycheck and get out. He doesn’t need any more, he’s submitted his legacy, he’s done things that only a couple of people have ever done.

“His only loss is to the biggest fraud in MMA.”

A decorated wrestler like Cormier, the undefeated Winn (5-0) will be making his UFC debut at middleweight against Markus Perez at UFC Greenville on June 22nd.