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Video: Angela Magana’s first words since emerging from coma

Ex-UFC fighter Angela Magana has emerged from a coma.

Superstar Kate del Castillo Announces Landmark Deal With Global MMA Brand Combate Americas At Press Conference In Los Angeles Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Combate Americas

Earlier this week, it was reported that former UFC and current Combate Americas fighter Angela Magana had fallen into a coma due to a reaction with the anesthesia during a surgery performed in Puerto Rico. Her coach was very hopeful that Magana would emerge from the coma, as she had already exhibited signs of recovery.

That was indeed the case, and Magana has woken up.

Her team posted a video her first words after coming out of the coma (transcribed by

“Hi guys, I’m awake. I still feel very tired, I can barely open my eyes. But um…thank you, everybody, for thinking about me. I feel like I’m a very rich woman cause I have a lot of time. Well, look what happened. I almost lost all my time. But to take time to wish somebody well…what do we do with time? We make money, so time’s more valuable than money…

“So thank you to everybody who took the time to wish me well. I’m going to make a full recovery. The problem was just the anesthesia. The disc procedure and the cauda equina stuff went better than they thought. So the surgery was great. It was just the anesthesia. I’m going to get better, and I’ll be fighting again soon. Nothing will stop me, man. And Combate Americas has been so good to me, thank you. Some huge stresses in my life has been from injured in fighting.”

The 35-year-old Magana (11-10) has lost five fights in a row, with the last four in the UFC and Rizin.

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