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Rogan: Gaethje is now the ‘most violent man’ in MMA after UFC Philadelphia win

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UFC analyst Joe Rogan has nothing but praises for Justin Gaethje after Saturday night’s win over Edson Barboza in Philadelphia.

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Mixed martial arts fighters take a lot of pride in being action fighters. Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was even more content to be branded as the “most violent man” in the roster at the time, instead of taking the top contender spots in the rankings.

Another fighter in the roster who is deserving of that branding is Justin Gaethje, who has built a reputation for himself as a solid stand-and-bang fighter. On Saturday, he notched his second straight first-round knockout win over Edson Barboza during their headliner fight in Philadelphia.

Gaethje’s performance was noteworthy enough to earn him his second consecutive post-fight bonus, as well as the attention of prominent figures of the sport like Joe Rogan.

The long-time UFC analyst recently gave his props to Gaethje through Instagram, branding him that new title that Alvarez once touted for himself.

To be considered the most violent man in the most violent sport in the world is a fucking crazy position, but in my mind @justin_gaethje is that man. Congrats on an incredible KO victory last night over one of the most dangerous strikers in the sport!

Currently ranked number eight in the official rankings, Gaethje is looking forward to his title shot against current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, and believes he can pose a legitimate threat to the undefeated Dagestani fighter.