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Conor McGregor disputes apparent title fight knockdown record set by Israel Adesanya

Conor McGregor is disputing a fight stat being put out that says Israel Adesanya just set a title fight knockdown record.

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The “retired” Conor McGregor has been extremely active on social media lately. Whether it’s trying to stir up controversy with prospective opponents, commenting on seemingly every main event, or just going off with weird observations, he’s always got something to say.

And he’s certainly going to defend his territory when it comes to apparent accomplishments in the Octagon.

Following UFC 236, the MMA stats-master, Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie, tweeted that Israel Adesanya set a record at UFC 236 when he knocked down Kelvin Gastelum four times in a title fight:

While Adesanya’s performance was undoubtedly impressive, fans quickly set to social media to dispute the stat. McGregor saw that, and responded himself:

The official UFC stats site, FightMetric, only credits McGregor with three knockdowns in his lightweight title win over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205. A quick review of the fight shows that he did drop him five times, but two of the knockdowns only put Eddie to one knee, which apparently doesn’t count? I’m not really sure. But it certainly seems like Conor has a case here.

Regardless, it’s just useless posturing over an unimportant stat. And another reason for McGregor to take to social media. We’ll see if he can top that record if he returns to the cage and gets back to a title shot.