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UFC 236 results: Dustin Poirier wins five-round war with Max Holloway to take interim LW title

Dustin Poirier just won a unanimous decision over Max Holloway to win the vacant interim lightweight title in the UFC 236 main event.

The top of the UFC 236 billing just crowned an interim lightweight king when the promotion’s #3 ranked lightweight Dustin Poirier won a bloody decision over featherweight champ Max Holloway. After debuting with the UFC back at UFC 125 in 2011, the 25-5 Poirier is finally a world champion.

The fighters went right to work, exchanging combos back and forth. Holloway briefly dropped Poirier with a short punch, but was unable to convert the finish. Then, Poirier wobbled Holloway with a big punch of his own. Holloway recovered, but Poirier kept landing bombs. Somehow Holloway stayed standing and started throwing back. It was quite an insane round.

The action got right underway in the second act. Holloway seemed to have fully recovered and began pressing forward, attacking the body. Then, Poirier wobbled his foe with a hard shot and went on the attack. Poirier wobbled Holloway again, but again Holloway smiled. Holloway started throwing back just before the round ended, and then the athletes shared a long and intense stare before returning to their corners. Holloway stuck to his body attack, but the power discrepancy was evident. The punches of Poirier kept stinging the featherweight champ, but Holloway kept trying. Holloway flurried with about a minute remaining in the round, blitzing Poirier and forcing a grappling exchange until the bell sounded.

Poirier shot in and secured a takedown to open up the fourth round, but Holloway worked his way back up to his feet. When Poirier took a deep breath, Holloway started to pour it on. He racked up volume as Poirier began to fade. Despite facing fatigue, Poirier opened up a gushing cut in the middle of Holloway’s face. Poirier shot in again, but Holloway stuffed the takedown and rolled for a D’arce as the bell sounded. Holloway began to rack up some volume in the last round, but Poirier was still the one that was hitting harder. Poirier looked to grapple, pressing Holloway up against the fence as time ticked away. They stood and slugged it out for the closing moments of the fight.

Dustin Poirier def. Max Holloway by unanimous decision (49-46 x3): Interim Lightweight Title

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