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White not convinced by Conor McGregor’s retirement: There’s other ways we can make him happy

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UFC president Dana White doesn’t think Conor McGregor is done with MMA just yet.

UFC president Dana White says Conor McGregor is not retired from MMA, and they will meet in the coming weeks to figure out the other ways the UFC can ‘keep him happy.’

McGregor announced last week on Twitter that he had decided to retire from MMA, the same day White stated the Irishman will ‘never get a stake in the UFC.’

Since then, in McGregor like fashion, the former featherweight and lightweight champion has called for his next fight to be against ‘actress’ Mark Wahlberg, who happens to own shares in the UFC.

White spoke to 8 News in Las Vegas about whether he thinks McGregor is being serious about his retirement.

“No,” White said. “I think there’s some things that Conor wants. I think that Conor wants to get together, face-to-face, he and I, and we probably will in the next couple of weeks to get this thing figured out. He’s stuck on this thing where he wants a piece of the ownership. I think there’s other ways we can make him happy.”

Despite McGregor arguably being the UFC’s biggest superstar, White argued that “Michael Jordan never owned a piece of the NBA,” so McGregor’s plea to own a piece of the company is simply not going to happen. That could change however if Endeavour, owners of the UFC, become a publicly traded company later this year.