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UFC Wichita results: Junior dos Santos stops Derrick Lewis in round two of entertaining fight

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Former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos finished Derrick Lewis in the UFC Wichita main event.

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The top of the UFC Wichita billing involved former heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos stopping the #3 ranked Derrick Lewis with strikes in the second round.

Lewis opened up the match with a heavy lead kick. An accidental eye poke from JDS caused a brief pause in the action. Upon the restart, Lewis connected with a Lewis sized right hand that backed off JDS. A massive right hand landed for JDS followed by a haymaker from Lewis. JDS rocked his foe with a spinning kick to the body, causing Lewis to double over. Then, Lewis launched a right hand that blitzed the former champ. Lewis was still doubled over as JDS looked to finish the fight. Lewis hung tough and made it put of the round.

JDS pressed forward in the second act, backing his opponent up to the fence. The onslaught from JDS proved to be too much. Punch after punch scored for JDS, causing Lewis to wilt and cover up. The referee saw enough of a beating, and stepped in to stop the fight.

Junior dos Santos def. Derrick Lewis by TKO at 1:58 of round 2: Heavyweight