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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir considering taking legal action against USADA

Frank Mir wants to take legal action against USADA after their recent handling of positive tests for turinabol.

MMA: Bellator 198-Emelianeko vs Mir Dave Mandel-USA TODAY Sports

After a positive test for turinabol forced his UFC exit, Frank Mir is considering taking legal action against USADA for causing him to ‘lose millions’.

Mir, 39, was handed a two-year ban from USADA in April 2017 for testing positive for the same long-term M3 turinabol metabolite that has recently troubled Jon Jones. With USADA clearing Jones’ case for the steroid due to a ‘pulsing’ effect, Mir told RT Today he is considering a lawsuit for his positive test.

“I’ve lost millions. I had six more fights on a contract that paid me well. If you have noticed, my last fight, I didn’t even have sponsors,” Mir said. “It’s difficult right now to rebuild up everything because of having to battle back from being falsely accused of something. It makes things difficult.”

Despite Jones’ positive test for the metabolite, both the NSAC and the CSAC cleared him for his most recent fights at UFC 235 and UFC 232, with Dr. Daniel Eichner concluding the small amount of the substance found in Jones’ system would serve him no advantage in a contest.

“Jon is one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound, but [for me] to be a less credible witness, that bothers me a little bit,” Mir said. “That stings. But that’s the issue I have so much is they’re still learning how the test works.

“I don’t think that you should have a test in the protocol that’s going to affect people’s careers, take two, four years away from them and not fully understand it. And I think now they’re backtracking with Jon. ‘Some of the tests are positive, some of the tests are negative, we don’t quite understand, it’s this pulsing.’”

Mir (18-13) signed for Bellator just a few months after receiving his two-year ban from USADA. He has since fought twice for the promotion, losing by stoppage to both Fedor Emelianenko and Javy Ayala.