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Drew Dober: ‘I want to have a legacy of fantastic fights’ like role model Donald Cerrone

Drew Dober cannot control matchmaking or the outcome of fights, but he can do his best to put on a show for UFC fans and brass alike.

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Drew Dober has thought long and hard about how he wants to be remembered, and a legacy like Donald Cerrone’s sounds pretty good.

“I’ve asked myself what my ultimate goal is in all this,” he told Bloody Elbow. “Of course, I’m always aiming for the stars... but the only thing I can control is how entertaining I am. I love the fans, I love the support, I love the cheers and the boos.”

Although winning a championship belt is a goal, it is not the goal.

“Just fighting in front of the crowd and having the crowd appreciate what I’m putting out on display. That is what I absolutely love and I just want to keep doing that,” Dober shared. “I want to have a legacy of fantastic fights. A prime example is Donald Cerrone, he might never have the title but everyone just loves watching him fight and talking to him. He is the role model I want to follow.”

Dober, 30, had a rough start in the UFC. He lost to Daron Cruickshank in the entry round of The Ultimate Fighter 15. He was still signed to the UFC; however, he continued to struggle and went 1-3-0-1 NC in his first five fights. Dober was never released and credits that to the “Cowboy” style he hopes to be remembered for.

“Yes, we’re martial arts and we’re fighters, but we’re also entertainers. We’re here to watch a soap opera before-and-after the fight, and during the fight you want to see people take risks and have fun,” Dober explained. “Regardless of winning or losing my fights, I’ve always made every single time I’m in the cage exciting and theatrical. In my opinion, the UFC really enjoys that I’m willing to sweat, bleed, and cry for the company.”

Dober (20-8-0-1) meets grappling ace Beneil Dariush (15-4-1) at UFC Wichita on Saturday, March 9. Follow along with Bloody Elbow for live highlights, results, and post-fight coverage.

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