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Colby Covington predicts ‘broken’ Tyron Woodley never fights again: ‘He’s cashed out’

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Colby Covington doesn’t think we’ll see former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley stepping foot back inside the Octagon.

Tyron Woodley is adamant he will be UFC champion again one day, but Colby Covington doesn’t think Woodley will even try to rebound from his loss at UFC 235.

Covington said he predicts Woodley, who lost the welterweight title in a one-sided fight against Kamaru Usman on Saturday night, will never fight again. Covington, a former interim welterweight champ, said Woodley has too many outside commitments to make another run in the division he reigned over for two and a half years.

“He’s been one foot in for the last couple years,” Covington told Bloody Elbow. “He’s got so much on his plate. He’s out here trying to rap albums, he’s trying to do acting, he’s trying to do broadcasting — he sucks at all of them.”

Woodley released his first single — “I’ll Beat Yo Ass” — last year. And just after losing the title to Usman last weekend, he released his debut album called “Chaos Theory.” Woodley has also been involved in a few recent acting gigs.

Woodley also works as an analyst for UFC events on ESPN.

“His career is over,” Covington said of Woodley. “He’s made all his money, he’s cashed out, he’s not a real fighter anymore. He doesn’t want to be here to make his division great again like myself. That was already a broken man (in the cage against Usman).”

Covington said Woodley isn’t “good with dealing with adversity,” another reason he likely won’t compete in the Octagon again. Covington also added that the ex-champ is 36 years old and is not getting any younger.

“He’s not the type of guy when things get tough he’s gonna come back stronger,” Covington said. “He’s not resilient; something bad comes to him, he doesn’t know how to fight back.”

Covington is expected to challenge Usman for the title next. He said the fight is targeted for either June or July.

“Obviously, I’m the biggest draw in this division, I’m the real world champion, and I’m gonna fight for the title next,” Covington said. “It’s gonna be me and Snoozeman, and Woodley’s the odd man out.”