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Boxing biter Kash Ali apologizes for actions: ‘There’s no excuses for it’

Following one of the most bizarre incidents in boxing in a long time, Kash Ali attempts to explain why he bit his opponent’s stomach and got disqualified.

Crazy and bizarre things happen in combat sports. As fans, we’ve seem all sorts of stuff that catches us completely off guard. Two men get into a fight, and sometimes emotions take over. But British boxer Kash Ali took that to a whole new level in Liverpool over the weekend.

Ali was fighting David Price, and doing pretty well. But in the fifth round, he just decided to tackle his opponent to the floor after getting clipped with a shot. And bite him on the stomach.

Seriously. Don’t believe me? Here’s all the video of the incident.

He was obviously disqualified. After the fight, Ali talked to about the incident, and his explanation is almost as bizarre as his actions (transcribed by Bad Left Hook):

“It was out of order what happened. I thought it was a good fight. I had him hurt in the fifth, I could’ve stopped him, which I would’ve — I ended up wrestling him down. Stupid thing, what I did. Ridiculous. There’s no excuses for it.”

“I think just the build-up for the fight — it’s my first time boxing on a big stage, I was so pumped up, I just wanted to fight,” Ali said. “The street mentality kicked in. That was stupid. The worst thing is, it’s not like I was behind or getting my ass kicked or nothing. He even said to me afterwards, ‘You had me beat there.’ I just apologize to all the fans. I’m sorry to everyone. It won’t happen again.”

He is asked what was going through his head at the time:

“When I ended up on top of him, I’m just thinking — this is f—king stupid — boxing went out the window, I thought, ‘This is a fight now,’” he said. “I should’ve kept my cool and thought about getting back up and knocking him out. But it was stupid. I have nothing else to say. It was out of order, and I apologize to him.”


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