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Conor McGregor calls out ‘Hollywood actress’ Mark Wahlberg

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Conor McGregor wants to get his UFC shares.

Conor McGregor has been doing a lot more tweeting than fighting these days. Instead of his normal routine of talking smack against fellow fighters though, on Saturday night, he turned his attention to an actor.

McGregor has again been demanding for UFC shares, and the supposedly retired former champion decided to challenge “Hollywood actress” Mark Wahlberg for his cut of the company.

Shortly after the UFC was sold to Endeavor in 2016, the new owners gave their clients a chance to purchase shares in the MMA promotion. Over 20 A-list celebrities purchased a stake in the UFC, and that group included Wahlberg.

When McGregor first asked for shares in 2016, Wahlberg said he’s willing to part with his.

“Cut the check,” Wahlberg said about McGregor a few years ago. “As a matter of fact, I’ll give him a piece of mine, because you know what, he’s the face of the UFC right now. But also, in business, you gotta cut the check.”

McGregor has been asking the UFC to give him shares in the company, which Dana White has stated, will never happen. If the Irishman truly wants ownership, reports are out that Endeavor could become a publicly traded company this year, and people will eventually be able to purchase a stake in the UFC’s parent company.